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Caitlin. Nineteen. Studying English and Creative Writing at LJMU. Hopeful explorer of the world. I wanna write for tv and movies someday. Isle of Man native. "Not all those who wander are lost."

So #SDCC is over for another year. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back in 2015! #wahh 😭 (at San Diego Convention Center)

San Diego man 💛☀️🌴 (at County of San Diego)

It’s nice finding a little bit of home 5000 miles away…😊 (at Star of India San Diego)

Stormy morning here yesterday! ☔️⚡️☁️ (at Mission Beach)

First sushi experience last night was a success! #omnomnom 🍤🍣 (at Sushi Deli 2)

Came back from Comic Con to find the house decorated to celebrate my birthday 😊 I have the best family ❤️ (at Mission Beach)

Gave away some of this little monster from Big Hero 6! Still can’t decide whether he’s cute or just plain WEIRD. 😜 (at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego)

My job today: give people free stuff when they have the correct ticket. 😊 (at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego)

#SDCC baby! 😁 (at San Diego Convention Center)

Explored the Xbox lounge in the Hyatt after finishing my shift. So. Much. Game. Stuff. 😳🎮 (at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego)

San Diego bay (with the Anchorman bridge in the background) 😎☀️⚓️ (at San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina)